AVB Solutions

Sienda offer a flexible and lightweight TSN (Time-Sensitive-Networking) software stack that makes it simple to add TSN/AVB capability to any application.

The additional controller and DSP plug-in features mean whether you are developing a modern mixing console or a low-power endpoint device such as a loudspeaker, our TSN stack can work for you.  See the options below.

Sienda are active in the AVB standards development community, and our software is actively maintained to be compliant with the latest AVB standards. The stack is used in existing Milan compliant products today.

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AVB / Milan Controller Stack

An extension of the TSN core stack offering full AVB controller capability. Available for embedded and desktop platforms, this software makes it easy to add AVB or Milan controller capability to your application.

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Core TSN Stack

A complete Milan-compatible TSN/AVB stack providing all relevant network protocols and full bridge support. Available for embedded and desktop platforms, this stack is tried and tested in existing Milan certified products belonging to respected names in the Pro-AV industry. 

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AVB / Milan Network Processor

Our AVB / Milan Network Processor is an endpoint that can dynamically load DSP DLLs, or ‘plug-ins’, into order to affect incoming and outgoing streams. Fully customisable, this software is built on the same tried and tested AVB endpoint stack. 



The TSN stack is supplied as a static library and provides a C++ API with methods and callbacks for all required features. 

Once initialised, the stack will call-back when it needs the use of memory, device drivers, or networking features. For example, to send an ethernet packet, or save something in flash memory.

The OEM application is responsible for marshalling samples into and out of the audio buffers and informing the stack of the current read and write positions though regular calls to the relevant stack methods. From these calls and packet timestamping information the stack's audio service precisely calculates any fine adjustment required to the system clock in order to keep the audio phase-aligned with the network media clock source.

Redundancy configurations are supported, ensuring seamless fallback in the event of one network failing.

Builds are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, ARM M7 & M4, ready to be integrated into both desktop and embedded solutions. We can also provide custom builds for your desired platform.

Support & Further Information

Reference implementations are available for STM32F4, Windows, and TI-RTOS, to help you understand exactly how the library integrates into software. We also provide code documentation, programming and integration guides, and technical support.
For more information on how we can help you integrate AVB into your product, or on AVB / Milan in general, please contact us.


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